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STEP 1 – Roof Inspection

If you have roof damage, the first thing you need to do is have a qualified roofing professional inspect your roof.

Call us at 682-239-7371 or schedule a free inspection with one of our experienced A&K Roofing Pro’s HERE.

Your A&K Roofing Pro Inspector will have extensive training with certifications and background in hail and wind damage assessment and estimating. Your inspector will also have a deep understanding of the insurance claims process which only comes from experience.

STEP 2 – Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims are the most frustrating time of the entire process, let A&K Roofing work for YOU! Our experts can work directly with your insurance company and adjuster.

If your roof needs repairs and or replacement due to hail, wind or from some other cause, your Insurance company will have to verify that the damage exist and will also need to determine that the damage is from a covered peril. Our team is very experienced in this process and can meet with the adjuster at your residence to make sure they see what we see. Once your insurance company has approved your claim and has agreed that it is covered, A&K Roofing will continue to work with your insurance company to ensure a smooth process.

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STEP 3 – Choosing your new roof

A&K Roofing is certified by some of the top manufacturers that the roofing industry has to offer.

There are numerous color & style options with amazing warranties that will further protect your family and investment. Your A&K Roofing Pro will bring numerous samples directly to your home so that you can get a better idea and feel for what your roof will look like. You can also discuss any additional options that may make your home even better such as adding gutters, ridge vents or even upgrading underlayment.

STEP 4 – Roof Installation

Step one of the roof replacement process is removing and disposing of the old roof. This is where attention to detail really pays off.

Your A&K Roofing crew will be diligent in making sure to clean up all the removed debris and to not leave any nails, screws or other small debris behind that you may step on, or drive over. Next we inspect the roof decking for any potential rotting or other issues that warrants replacement. We then install the protective underlayment on the roof deck to prevent any future wind driven rain from reaching the decking material. Finally, your new shingles are installed along with the ventilation systems. These ventilation systems help keep your attic cooler during the summer months to prevent future damage to the roof system.

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STEP 5 – Final roof Inspection

You’re A&K Roofing project manager will inspect your new roof to ensure it has been properly installed and that the roof meets the warranty specifications for coverage. Your warranty and our “A&K Roofing Customer Satisfaction Guarantee” ensures your roof will be properly covered for years to come.

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