Can Your Roof Weather The Texas Storms?

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Hail Storms

A hail storm can cause major damage to a roof. Hail can break roofing tiles or leave large dents / pings in your roofing material. These dents prevent water from flowing off of the roof, allowing it to pool up. This can allow the water to slowly seep into your roof over time, leading to potential leaks, mold, and extensive damage.

Wind Storms

Wind storms are capable of blowing your roofing materials, including shingles and tiles, off of your roof. This causes a portion of your roof to be exposed and unprotected against all of the Texas elements before the roofing materials can be replaced.

Freezing Temperatures

When ice forms and builds up on your roof, it can be damaging to both your roofing material and the structure of the roof because of the added weight. Also, when the water freezes, it expands which can separate roofing materials leading to faulty seals.

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